Dentist Sunnyvale Certified Green

Caring for the Environment

Being respectful of the environment is important to us. From the construction of our office to the equipment we use and how we practice, our goal is to minimize our impact on the environment.

Building Materials
Flooring made with natural ingredients without harmful VOC’s, 100% biodegradable 

Low VOC paint, no hazardous fumes or "off-gassing”

Reception countertop/desk made with recycled content:

Cabinetry made with recycled content

Fluorescent lighting uses less electricity which reduces carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution

Office Equipment
Digital X-rays use 80-90% less radiation than the already low exposure of traditional film x-rays,no harmful or toxic chemicals to develop film or dispose of into the environment

Apple iMacs are designed with features to reduce its environmental impact:

TVs, Phones, Fax/Scanner/Copier, Refrigerator All Energy Star Compliant, uses less electricity to operate

Water Conservation
Low flow faucets 1.5 GPM (gallons/minute) reduces water consumption by 50%Water efficient toilets 1.4 GPF (gallons/flush) conserves 2,000 gallons/year

Waterless dental vacuum conserves 22,000 gallons of water/year

Paperless Office
Our digital practice software MacPractice DDS reduces our paper usage by 90% and that which we use, we recycle.

Recycled Products
Products we use with recycled content:
  • Business cards
  • Office stationery
  • Restroom paper products